Valentina Galossi
lab—life of artists in berlin
an art guide

For those who love to know Berlin or simply want to rediscover it, take this fascinating journey into the lives of 25 international artists who live and work in this vibrant city. On these pages, emerging and established talents become the trait d‘union with one of the hubs of 21st-century art. Slip into their lives as they lead you from their studios to their favorite Berlin haunts. This collaboration with some of the most prestigious and interesting galleries, museums and private collections in Berlin unlocks the secrets of the city’s art and social scene.
Featured artists: Achenbach, Berckemeyer, Borges, Binschtok, Cortiñas, Galeano, Gard, Greiner, Hildebrandt, Khano, Kretschmann, Kryzecki, Luciani, Peckl, Reyle, Sailstorfer, Sanguineti, Schmidt, Schulz, Schwörer, Talens, Uriarte, Welz, Wobst and Zimmer.

This is more than an art catalog: it is the first art guide that will lead you through the streets of Berlin’s contemporary art scene, hand-in-hand with its 25 protagonists. This is Berlin as you‘ve never known it before.

ISBN 978-3-945880-32-6
hendrik Bäßler verlag · berlin

First edition 2018, 144 pages, English, 75 images, photographic essay, maps, 14.7 x 20.8 cm.

Euro 20.-

Valentina Galossi